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Technical Parameter

Deep hole boring machine series t2120g t2120g / 1

The machine is a special machine for processing cylindrical deep hole parts. It is suitable for drilling and boring cylindrical deep hole parts. pressure head is used for oil supply during boring, and the cutting is discharged to the chip vessel at the head of the machine through the cutting area. During drilling, the internal chip removal method (BTA method) is adopted, i.e. oil is supplied by the pressure head. Through the cutting area, the cutting is discharged from the inside of the drill pipe to the chip removal pipe at the back of the bed.

The machine tool adopts PLC numerical control, the reciprocating motion of the pressure head  and the feed carriage is controlled by servo motor, and the transmission adopts the rack transmission in the middle of the two guide rails, which ensures the accuracy and rigidity of the feed transmission in the ultra long motion. Protective covers are installed on both sides of the bed, and the structure of the oil tank on the ground is adopted to improve the environment of the machine tool. The machine tool can be equipped with two sets of automatic or manual high-efficiency tools, which greatly improves the machining efficiency of the machine tool.

The machine tool is a kind of machine tool with convenient operation, high efficiency and environmental protection.

Main technical specifications and performance




Drilling diameter range

The range of driling diameter


Boring diameter range

The range of boring diameter


Maximum boring depth

The range of boring depth


Spindle center height

Height from spindle center to bed


Clamping diameter range of center frame

Workpiece clamped dia.range


Chuck diameter

The diameter ofchucks


Spindle speed range and series

Range and kinds of spindle speed

60-1200r/min Third gear stepless

Main motor power

The power of main motor

N=37KW Variable frequency motor

Feed speed range (stepless)

Range of feeding speed


Feed motor power

Feed motor power

N=4.5KWAC servo

pressure head motor

Guide carriage motor

N=4.5KWAC servo

Cooling pump motor power

Cool pump motor power

N=5.5KW  n=1440r/min

Rated working pressure of hydraulic system

Rated working pressure for hydraulic system


The Flow of cooling system


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